Some low power cell phone jammer products can write and store in

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low power cell phone jammer belong to Class II are not regarded as dangerous optical equipment ?
 As a rule, the laser is the main component for low power cell phone jammer products.  the public channels  Other channels other than the operator channel are collectively referred to as open channels.  In open channels, depending on the length of the marketing channels that the level of output of channel intermediaries organizations divided into the direct supply retail the mode and wholesale mode.  1. Direct supply retail mode  Means manufacturers sell directly to retailers, not through wholesalers mode.Wholesale model between mobile phone manufacturers and retailers through one or several intermediaries.
protocol stack  The protocol stack is the most complicated part of the mobile phone software, its complexity is that it is closely related to the design and baseband processor chip. Only with chip design capability is possible to develop a protocol stack. Protocol stack will use all the resources of the baseband processor chip, including the DSP core.  Standards on working temperature, life span, stability, security and performance indicators of industrial low power cell phone jammerare higher than the toy-class ones.There are two main data services: the former, the mobile phone equivalent of a modem PC machine via the mobile Internet, network protocols, all on a PC, mobile phone data link.
communications and other functions. java program is basically a platform-independent, java virtual machine isolation platform designed for a variety of platforms, the manufacturers deliberately provided some OEM functions except. BREW program clearly related platform for a CPU, does not know the original object code.In addition to java, BREW, Windows CE, SmartPhone, WindowsMobile, Symbian, embedded Linux commercial operating systems course can provide a variety of methods to create a third-party program. Writing program and write a program on the PC platform in these environments are very similar. low power cell phone jammer products are different from ordinary red ones.Part of the GSM mobile phone circuit by the radio transceiver, the baseband signal processing circuit, a base band control circuit, the memory circuit, a keyboard, a display, an external interface.The transmission path of the radio frequency unit connected to the baseband unit generated 270.833kbit / s data stream signal of a TDMA frame of the GMSK modulation method of forming the I, Q signals, and then modulated onto a 900MHz or 1800MHz radio frequency signal, The output power of Class II low power cell phone jammer is 1 mw.

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