High power low power cell phone jammer are to meet special purpo

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In addition, L1 provides the RF hardware and DSP interfaces, drivers, but does not contain the signal processing functions.
The higher the power of low power cell phone jammer, the greater the intensity of its laser light.  Through the completion of the driving control of the DSP, but also complete the speech codec, a demodulation / equalization algorithm, the data interleaving / deinterleaving algorithm, noise rejection, channel coding, and other functions. The data link layer of the OSI reference model, which includes a variety of data transport structures of the data transfer control. Its main features include: the format and operation of the data link error detection. Flow control, a random access channel after there is an access request to establish a data link scramble judgments. 
 The third layer is the core of the GSM protocol, which is divided into a sublayer of radio resource management (RR), Mobility Management sublayer (MM), connection management sub-layer (CM). The CM sub-layer has a call control (CC), the supplementary service (SS). the brightness of the laser is determined by the power consumption of low power cell phone jammer. and the short message management (SMS) and other entities. RR sub-layer is responsible for the wireless link and data link connection  to establish, maintain and release. In idle mode, the RR sub-layer is responsible for coordinating the selection and re-election of the district.
 In dedicated mode, the RR sub-layer is responsible for the coordination channel monitoring results from the report to reconfigure the entire switching process. The MM sublayer consider how its location to the network of the mobile station in idle mode. To inform the network of a large PLMN service area is divided into many small location area LA, the MM sub-layer of the task that is, when the mobile station enters a new location area, in order to be able to continue to track the mobile station. In addition, MM sublayer also all other upper layer protocol entities call multiplexed to a single radio channel, p  According to the European and U. S. standards on low power cell phone jammer used as teaching aids, their power should be 1 mw or 5 mw respectively.
that is, the SDCCH; MM sub-layer to com lete the call reconstruction task process with respect to the user is transparent. The CC sublayer is responsible for the operation between the mobile terminal and the network party MSC, which manages call to establish and maintain the related tasks, and the task is not visible to the user. CC sublayer agreed on an appropriate path for the call and inform the user calls. Each call, whether the call or outbound call has its own dedicated CC entity corresponding. Now, we can often see low power cell phone jammer whose power is 10 mw, 30 mw, 50 mw, 100 mw or 200 mw.

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