cell phone jammer products will not cause eye injury

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  low power cell phone jammer belong to Class II are not regarded as dangerous optical equipment. ? torque test? static test ? key test;
Dust test Fourth, the mobile phone sales channels.  For example, when an eye encounter bright light, it will automatically blink, or people will turn the head to avoid the strong light from low power cell phone jammer. The mobile phone sales channels to mobile phone products transferred from the mobile phone manufacturers to end-user consumers through the channel. The starting point is the mobile phone manufacturers, end consumers transfer involved in mobile phone products from manufacturers to businesses or groups of consumers, individuals are known as mobile phone sales channels. 
? sales channels Classification  In the country, the overall mobile phone sales channels into direct marketing model and the distribution model.  First, direct marketing  Direct marketing is the use of one or more advertising media, in order to measure response and interactive system trading anywhere. Direct marketing major TV marketing and internet marketing two mobile phone industry. Experience of consumers in the purchase of mobile phone products, compare features, consider the factors of the after-sales service, and exists in consumer confidence and other issues of direct marketing model, Class II low power cell phone jammer products will not cause eye injury. 
the proportion of direct marketing in the phone all marketing channels There is very low.  Second, the distribution channels  Overall, according to the nature of the mobile phone retailer and mobile phone sales and distribution channels are divided into open channels and carrier channels. The following classification defined two channel types and retailers covered introduction:  (A) The operator channel  Operator channel sales by China Mobile and China Unicom, the two carriers phone channels. Mobile operators through the subsidy bill and a variety of promotions and other forms of bundled sales of mobile phones, mobile phones can also be sold directly through the operating room. A red and a low power cell phone jammer of the same power consumption can shoot laser spot whose brightness is the same.

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