Famous Perth Bell Tower

The Perth Bell Tower, home to the famous Swan Bells, was a gift to the state of Western Australia during the Australian bicentennial celebrations in 1988. The iconic bell tower, which today is one of Perth’s most recognizable landmarks, houses eighteen bells in total behind which lies a fascinating history. The Swan Bells take their namesake from the Swan River which flows beneath the musical ringing of the bells.

Of the eighteen bell peal, twelve are from the historic St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church in Trafalgar Square. St. Martin-in-the Fields is an Anglican church in the north-east of Trafalgar Square in Westminster London. It is known for its close association with the British government, being the official parish church for the Royal Family and also for the home of the Prime minister. The other six bells were cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in England during more modern times. Incidentally, the foundry is also listed as being the oldest manufacturer in England.

The design for bell tower itself was conceptualized by Australian architects Hames Sharely. The modernist, almost space-age-like design was meant to reflect an era of new beginnings following the 200th anniversary of Australia’s creation. The paved walkway which lines the bell tower has special significance as each tile comes from a school in Western Australia with each child having carved his or her name as their contribution to the tower.

Visitors to the Perth Bell Tower can experience unparalleled views of the cityscape as well as of the surrounding landscape. A state-of -the art lighting system illuminates the tower at night making it an instantly recognizable landmark during a night out on the town.

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