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Joy and Learning Through Manga

Many people enjoy reading comic stripes but this is also a from of learning. Abundance of pictures makes it easier to understand the whole story even if you are not very good at reading and therefore helps enhance reading skills and vocabulary. Different topics can be presented in a funny, memorable way. Mangas, which are comic stripes from Japan, are an example of this. While many are simply amusing stories about everyday life or science fiction, some give practical instruction or tell history.

In Japan, people from all walks of life read manga regularly. They may do it at home, in trains on the way to school or job or in special coffee-houses that offer manga magazines to be read while drinking coffee. You can even stay overnight there! With the new technology development, copious websites have arisen that post mangas and enable readers to comment and discuss them. Most are free of charge. You can also download comics on mobile phones.

Individual mangas can be published in ordinary newspapers or collected in magazines. Manga magazines are often made with a certain group of people in mind, defined by age and gender. Those groups can be identified by special covers and are put on separate shelves in stores. Nevertheless, people read, buy and subscribe to those less typical, too. Other magazines are devoted to a single topics such as robots or love and romantics. Manga books and magazines are a very proffitable bussiness in Japan. Some of them are translated and sold in other countries but nowhere are they so successful as in their country of origin where they can take whole stores and libraries.

So there are numerous ways in which you can read manga and if you like it, it is recommendable to do it from time to time.