Cables as a guitar accessories


Cables are the electric wires which connect the electric guitar to the electrical source. It is a good conductor of electricity and its major function is to allow electric energy into the guitar. It may be linked directly to the power source or there can be an extension power cable depending on the distance to the location of the guitar. The extension power cable is the cable that extends the distance further. The cables might be connected to the microphone, speakers or to the guitar. Another accessory that comes with the cable is the cable connector. It acts as the connection into the guitar. It has a connection port which directly links the cable to the machine. These Guitar Accessories to all the places that the guitarist is invited to perform.

Guitar strings

One accessory that should never miss in a guitar kit is the guitar string. It is the main component that makes up the guitar. With no strings there is no guitar. The guitarist should always carry an extra guitar string because the one that is on the guitar can break any time as a result of friction between the guitar picks and the string. It is prone to break during performance. It can be a very unfortunate incident that a music performance is brought to an end because the guitarist does not have an extra string to replace the worn out one.

The extra guitar string should be the same as the one currently being used in the music instrument. It should be similar in both gauge size and if possible brand. The brand can be different according to the preference of the guitarist. The new guitar string should also be durable and have the ability to withstand friction just like the worn out one.