The Agar Experience

When we think of mobile games, the first game that comes to our mind is that addictive snakes game which blew our minds when it first entered our primitive cell phones. That was another era and we were awe-struck with that one little snake gobbling away at food and growing in length. We spent hours maneuvering the virtual reptile across our tiny mobile screens. Slowly we discarded our old phones and moved on to smarter phones with mind-numbing features. We had games that threw us into lateral universes with near-perfect graphics and motion control. Now, we have seen it all apparently and there’s little else to explore in terms of mobile gaming. That’s when a young Brazilian developer comes in and develops a seemingly childish game about microscopic organisms feeding on each other to grow in size. The game was called and it sent the mobile gaming world into a tizzy.

The game that went viral hack was developed in April 2015 by Matheus Valadares. He used basic languages like Java and C++ to develop this game and soon upgraded it to add many new features. It became an obsession with the young crowd and thanks to social networking sites and YouTube, it spread worldwide within no time to become extremely popular amongst gamers all over.

The Hack critiques have maintained that the game can get repetitive and frustrating at many levels where players get stuck. Thus, gamers have developed hacks and cheats using which they can easily cross levels and ‘gobble’ up their neighbors. The is one such website that allows online usage of the agar hack bot which helps you cruise through the game like a pro. It is updated once a week to accommodate changes in the game and helps gamers stay ahead.

Ride Height- Performance or Off-Road

Ride height sometimes also referred as ground clearance is defined as the height between the bases of the tire to the underside portion of the car chassis. In short ride height can simply be termed as the shortest distance between the well-leveled grounds to the any part of the car except the part those are designed to be in contact with road surface. Ground clearance of car is usually measured as a part of standard vehicle specifications and is measured without cargo loads and commuter. A car with higher ground clearance results in higher center of gravity, which ultimately results in less accurate and dangerous handling conditions that could further lead to chances of rollover. The prime factor associated with higher ride height is optimum for off-road and driving on uneven and rough terrains. As higher ride height can easily pass through rough patches and uneven surfaces without touching or damaging the car chassis and underbody parts.


The cars are distinguished into two main categories on the basis of ride height i.e. high ride height and low ride height. The higher ride height impacts the overall aerodynamics of the car body and that results in significant drop in car performance and acceleration. That is the reason sports cars are opted with low ride height so as to increase the aerodynamics of sports car ultimately improvising the car’s performance. The cars with low ride height or ground clearance have lower center of gravity that enables and increases handling of the car at higher speeds and sharp turns. The low ride height causes issues with driving on rough terrain and off-roads. As low ground clearance is not suitable for opting for off-road tracks as it’ll result in damaging the underbody parts and chassis. Henceforth off-road vehicles such as SUVs have higher ground clearance whereas performance cars usually have lower ground clearance.